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dress up for wake
Wakes are often an informal event where family and friends gather to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed. When dressing for a wake, you only have to consider two things: is it respectable for the venue, and does it reflect my personal style? When we consider these...
Sixty degree weather is usually chilly. But sometimes, sixty degree weather is super nice. When it is sixty degrees outside, and I am choosing my outfit, I like to consider the weather and my agenda for the entire day: Is it going to rain? Is it going to be sunny? Is...
70 degree weather
The brutal winter weather had us bundled up in layers and layers of thick and heavy outerwear, but the change from winter to spring couldn’t have been complete and on time.  Gone are the days of heavy winter jackets and snow boots to combat below freezing temperatures; HELLO to beautiful days...

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