How to Wear a Pashmina

A pashmina is a versatile piece of clothing accessory for any occasion and age group. This evergreen cashmere can instantly add some classy charm to your ensemble.

Whether you’re in a rush or have plenty of time to play dress-up, you’ll have at least one style of draping that can take your looks from 0 to 100 in seconds!

If you think the pashmina shawl is passé, check out the best ways to wear a pashmina — you might change your mind!

1. The Easy-Peasy Knot

So your friends suddenly want to go to the club after work? Want to jazz up your business attire in a minute? This pashmina hack is perfect for you. Plus, it’s even easier than tying your shoelaces. Here’s how you can sport the easy-peasy pashmina knot—

  1. Fold the pashmina lengthwise and drape it on your shoulders.
  2. Bring both the ends together and tie them loosely for an effortlessly stylish look.
  3. For a more polished and neat look, you can tie it close to your neck and tuck it in a blazer.

This style will look great with something casual like a white shirt and jeans, or something formal like a power suit.

2. The Easy-Peasy Drape

Clearly, this article’s author isn’t very creative with names!

This style is for the lazy girls out there. Wait, did anyone talk about me? Check out the steps below to slay the easy-peasy drape—

  1. Place the pashmina on your shoulders so that both the ends fall in front.
  2. Toss one end to the opposite shoulder so that it falls back.
  3. You can either drape it loosely or with perfectly folded pleats according to your mood and occasion.

Depending on the color and print of your pashmina shawl, you can pair this style with various outfit combinations so keep experimenting!

3. The Wedding Shawl

As the name suggests, this style will be covering most of your torso and arms so it’s best to wear it with something simple. Why not go for a printed pashmina and make it your statement piece?

Read on to know how to style your pashmina like a wedding shawl—

  1. Drape the pashmina over your shoulders. Make sure it covers your arms like a half sleeve shirt.
  2. Bring the ends of the shawl together and tie them tightly.
  3. Make a double knot or secure it with a pin.

This elegant draping style will look best with an evening gown or midi dress, preferably of a solid color, without any prints.

4. The Shrug

Like the previous style, the Shrug style of wearing a pashmina will also cover most of your arms. It’s perfect for those chilly winter nights when you felt daring enough to wear a cute but not too warm dress.

  1. Drape the pashmina over your shoulders.
  2. Pull the ends towards your back.
  3. Tie them tightly and secure with a double knot.

The steps to styling your pashmina like a shrug are very similar to the Wedding Shawl style. However, the Shrug is way more versatile as you can either dress it up with a gown or dress it down with a casual top and jeans.

5. The French Knot

This cozy style is perfect for winter days and super easy to do. Make sure you use a bright-colored pashmina for the French Knot to add a fun splash to any boring outfit.

  1. Fold the pashmina in half lengthwise.
  2. Wrap it around your neck with both the ends falling on one side and the folded part on the other.
  3. Pass both the ends through the loop.
  4. Pull and adjust to make the knot tighter or looser.

This super easy style can be sported with any outfit. If done with a thicker scarf/ muffler, it’s perfect to beat the chill during winter.

6. The French Twist

Now, this style looks super intricate but it’s super easy to pull off. With one or two tries, you’ll be able to perfect this chic French twist. Here’s how to get started—

  1. Fold the pashmina in half lengthwise.
  2. Wrap the folded shawl around your neck.
  3. Tuck one end through the loop.
  4. Tuck the other end from the opposite side of the loop so that the final knot looks like a little weave.
  5. Adjust for a tighter or looser fit.

Since this style steals the spotlight itself, we’d suggest you pair it with a simple outfit. The French Twist can add instant oomph to any solid colored top or dress.

7. The Waterfall

This beautiful and elegant style of draping a pashmina will earn you compliments from one and all. You’re going to be amazed at how easy the Waterfall is—

  1. Place the pashmina on your shoulders, such that both the ends are in front on either side.
  2. Take one end and place it around your neck, creating a comfortable loop.
  3. Now take one end of the pashmina and tuck a corner of it into the loop, such that the rest of it falls across your body like a waterfall.
  4. You can use a safety pin to secure the tucked-in end.

Style the Waterfall with any basic T-shirt, shirt, or tank top and let your pashmina do the talking! This draping style is a great way to show off any embroidery or a fancy border of a pashmina.

8. The Kimono

Invited to a pool party but don’t have a coverup to match your cute swimsuit? Fret not. We’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can transform your pashmina into a breezy Kimono.

  1. Take a corner of the pashmina, and make a small and secure knot at the centre.
  2. Repeat with the other corner of the same side.
  3. Toss your DIY shrug over your shoulders and put your arms through the two holes.

This effortless yet chic pashmina draping style is perfect for any outfit. However, we think it goes best with beachwear. Flaunt your summer bod with an elegant touch!

9. The Vest

Here’s another fresh draping style for the upcoming summer. Like the Kimono, the Vest will also transform your pashmina into a brand new coverup that’ll make heads turn. It almost looks like a muscle tank from the back. Follow the steps below to achieve some Coachella vibes—

  1. Fold the pashmina in half.
  2. Note that one side is folded and the other is ‘open’.
  3. Take one end of the folded side and one end of the ‘open’ side. Tie the ends together.
  4. Make sure you make a small and secure knot.
  5. Open the folds and you’ll find two holes for your arms.

The Pashmina Vest is the best accessory for any summer outfit. Keep it simple with a T-shirt and jeans or channel your inner grunge by tossing it over a tank top and ripped shorts.

10. Belt it up!

Last but not least. Who thought belting up a pashmina could look this good? Depending on your pashmina design, outfit, and mood, this style can make you look sophisticated, romantic, or edgy!

Here’s how you can use your pashmina to make your outfit even more eye-catching—

  1. Drape the pashmina over your shoulders, covering most of your arms and torso.
  2. Once satisfied with the drape, secure it with a belt. Use a simple, thin belt if your pashmina is printed. If not, you can go with a statement belt.
  3. Once you’ve perfected this style, you can wrap your pashmina in different ways and belt it up. How about covering just one arm? Or wrapping it like a skirt?

Since this style can be tweaked in different ways, you can pull it off with literally any outfit. The sky’s the limit!

Those were our favorite ways of wearing a pashmina. Which one will you try out? Did we miss your go-to style? Let us know in the comments below and share this article with all of your fashion buddies.

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