10 Signs to Tell a Guy is Flirting With You

Flirting is the means of actively showing your romantic interest in someone.

The way a guy intends to flirt may have never occurred to us, and other times we may feel we couldn’t possibly be worthy of someone’s flirting and so we make excuses for behavior that could be easily confused as such.

Whether you’re simply oblivious to social cues or aren’t much of a flirter yourself, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a guy is flirting with you or simply being friendly.

In order to better navigate the rules of attraction, educate yourself and become familiar with these ten signs which could be telling you he is flirting.

1. He Says Your Name

Your name is unique to you.

Sure, other girls may have the same name, but if a guy is making a point to use your name, either in conversation, or by calling you from afar, he’s drawing to your attention that he not only knows, but likes to say to your name.

Our names can be intimate parts of ourselves and we can tell a lot by the emotions of others towards us when they say our names.

An obvious example is when your mother or father says your name in a certain tone and you instantly know you’re in trouble for something.

You can notice this, too, when a guy is flirting with you, by paying attention to how he says your name and how often.

There’s a difference between “I’m just teasing you,” and “I’m just teasing you, Sarah.”

2. He Makes Eye Contact

Some people say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Just as the way your name is said says a lot, so too can the way a guy looks at you.

If he makes a lot of eye contact with you when you’re talking together, this is a sign that he’s flirting.

Simultaneously, if you catch him looking at you from across the room, this is another sign he’s trying to lock eyes with you.

3. He Doesn’t Make Eye Contact

Other guys may be more on the shy side and this could mean that their eye contact is less when speaking with you.

In attempts to flirt with you, they may become bashful and avoid looking you in the face, especially if they’re attracted or intimidated by you.

Look for other signs of awkwardness, such as fiddling with his hands or an item, such as a pen or his sweater as these all show a guy aguishly trying to flirt with you.

4. He Compliments You

This one is simple enough.

It could be anything from complimenting something you own or are wearing to your intelligence, humor, or physical appearance.

Some girls may think something like “I like your boots,” is just him trying to make conversation.

But guys typically won’t notice or care about fashion accessories unless they’re trying to gain your attention.

5. He Asks for Your Phone Number

Any attempts to make a connection with you outside of work, school, summer camp, or wherever it is you know him from, is a sign that he’s flirting.

Asking for your phone number is a huge step toward taking your flirtation to a more advanced level, one where you have access to each other 24-7.

If he were interested in having a pen pal, he could just call his grandmother, but, no, he’s asking you specifically for your phone number.

Despite what you may try to tell yourself (“He’s just being nice” or “Maybe he’s doing this as a joke”), he wouldn’t go through the trouble or anxiety of potentially being rejected by you if he didn’t truly want your phone number to talk to you more.

6. He Shows Interest in Your Life

If a guy is flirting with you, he may do his own little investigations to find out more about you. Maybe he asks you what you’re studying or about your favorite band.

These are all attempts to learn about who you are and therefore gain more material to use for flirting.

7. He Makes Excuses to See You

Someone who is trying to let you know they’re attracted to you will do what they can to have more time with you.

Who we spend our time with tells others who we prioritize in our lives.

If he goes out of his way to walk by your class room or walks you to your car when his house is in the other direction – it’s his flirtatious way of saying he wishes the two of you had more time together.

8. He Makes Excuses to Touch You

The biggest sign of someone flirting is their body posture. Is he noticeably placing himself closer to you when you’re talking?

If he swiping your shoulder and muttering about a bug having been there? Is he placing his hand on your back or leg whenever he sees an opportunity to?

Physical contact shows physical attraction. Pay attention to little moments such as these as they’re all pointing to him flirting with you.

9. He Gives Gifts

This doesn’t have to mean something expensive, and typically, it won’t.

A gift could be anything from offering you half of his dessert, to sharing a link to a funny video with you, or remembering to bring a movie to school that you may have mentioned you’ve never seen and he happened to own.

Though you may not see them this way at first, these are all gifts.

These items or moments that he’s choosing to share or give to you show that he’s interested in you.

10. He Shows Off in Front of You

Not all guys will exhibit this behavior, but if a guy is aggressively trying to get your romantic interest, you may notice he speaks up more in a class you share.

Perhaps he invites you to watch his band play or asks if you’re going to a soccer game in which he’s the goalie. He’s attempting to impress you, to show you that he’s worthy of your attention and interest.

It may seem an odd way to flirt, but many women do this as well.

Whenever we intentionally dress up, taking the time to do our hair and make-up when we typically wouldn’t bother.

Or, whenever we invite a romantic interest to watch us in our element (whether it’s in a sports game or a theatric play) are all examples of flirting and showing off.


The next time you’re making excuses as to why that guy at work is consistently chatting you up, try to remember the effort that goes into flirting with someone and let yourself be flirted with.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re getting unwanted attention, always be as up-front and honest as possible when you say that you’re not interested.

It may seem harsh, but in the world of flirting, it’s an easy step to love or heart break and it’s always best to be honest when it comes to the heart.

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