10 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love with You Forever

We’re all familiar with the quintessential boy-meets-girl moment portrayed in so many romantic novels and films.

In the movie business, they refer to this moment as a “meet-cute”: some quirky and sweet way that the main character chances to meet their love interest.

Soft music plays, perhaps a breeze blows, rustling the trees gently, and these two people stare at each other as if they already know all the future memories they will share together.

It’s kismet. It’s love at first sight.

Of course, moments such as these rarely exist in real life, but anyone claiming to not want a little bit of movie-magic romance in their life is denying themselves honesty and quite a bit of great daydreaming material at that.

Some of us may not believe in soul mates, while the rest of us believe that love as portrayed in films is real and can be found.

In either regard, there will come a time in our romantic lives that we’re anxiously awaiting those three little words that mean so much: “I love you”.

Here are ten ways to make him fall in love with you, getting you both steps closer to a head-over-hills relationship.

1. Practice Open-Mindedness

Being a more open-minded person invites a plethora of opportunities into your life.

Consequently, it also demonstrates to your partner that you’re all things warm and loving, such as forgiving, non-accusatory, kind, and willing to compromise or sacrifice to make things work.

In other words, showing him that you’re open-minded is a great way to make him feel secure and have a positive opinion of you, but it’s also great practice for your own personal growth.

2. Don’t Change Yourself

There’s a right and wrong way to change in order to keep a relationship healthy.

Knowing the difference depends on your own personal comfort level and establishing with your significant other what you’re willing to change for will show that you’re not a push-over.

For example, your partner may ask that you be better at listening, try to be more understanding of an issue they’re dealing with.

Or establish a weekly date night – these are all perfectly reasonable requests and if you meet them with enthusiasm, it will show that you love him and thus, make him fall harder for you.

3. Be Confident

The phrase, “Confidence is key” isn’t just a phrase, it’s a method that exists in almost every realm of our lives.

At work, confidence can buy you respect or a promotion.

In school, confidence can help you ace tests and be more vocal during in-class discussions.

In relationships, confidence works the same way, often benefitting us with positive results.

Such is the case if your goal is to have someone fall in love with you: being confident in who you are is an attractive attribute that invites others in.

4. Build Him Up

The greatest thing about falling in love is feeling like you’re invincible. If it’s the love of another you seek, build him up.

Tell him how much you care about him, admire his strengths and shed a positive point of view on what he considers his weaknesses.

Giving him a boost in his self-esteem and making your adoration of who he is as a human being will have him falling in love in no time.

5. Make Your Relationship a Priority

Making an effort for the relationship you share by making it a priority will show him that you plan on keeping him in your life for as long as you can.

How important you consider the relationship is expressed to him any time you make an effort: whenever you keep your schedule empty in the off-chance he may be able to hang out, whenever you drop everything and come to him in a time of need.

Once he knows he’s important to you, he will feel secure and ease himself into the sometimes-scary world of love.

6. Help Him Feel Safe

The early beginnings of love are often terrifying as fears of not being loved back, feeling inadequate, or not knowing how it all will end consume you.

This vulnerability is a powerful circumstance that often leads to people being so afraid of falling in love with someone that they won’t let it happen.

If your boyfriend is one of these people, chances are you’ve talked about it and know how imperative it is to make him feel safe with you.

Let him know you would never intentionally hurt him.

7. Bring Balance to His Life

Relationships that have balance can sustain themselves for years to come.

In order to be a power couple, practice complementing him. If he’s more on the shy side, encourage him to try new things or take the lead in social situations as he may feel more comfortable being an observer.

If he’s a spontaneous person, balance him out by taking the initiative to plan. This tactic of balancing each other out is beneficial to you both as it makes a relationship healthy.

A relationship that works will have your boyfriend looking at you in a potentially new light, in which he foresees a viable future with you.

8. Try Something New with Him

Doing something new together can be an exciting, learning experience.

Perhaps nothing as adrenaline-kicking as sky-diving or bungee-jumping, but even just attending a painting class or trying new cuisine can throw you both into a situation in which you’re both nervous or a little cautious.

When you both come out of the other end unharmed and whole, you’ll be grateful for the experience together as well as create a memory sure to last a lifetime.

You may even discover an activity you both end up loving and develop a hobby together.

Anything that could be considered a couple’s activity is a great way to make him fall in love, as it creates a lasting connection between the two of you.

These experiences also mimic any vulnerability either of you may be feeling in the relationship and demonstrate that you’re in it together, easing any guards to be let down and welcome love in.

9. Tell Him You Love Him

As always, it’s easier said than done.

Telling someone you love them is quite the task and should never be done lightly, but if you’re emotions are true, you should express them.

Taking the first leap of faith and telling him how you feel will invite him to relax and hopefully admit the same.

10. Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the first step to inviting others to love you.

You can’t properly handle the emotional responsibilities of loving another person if you don’t love the person that matters most first and foremost.

Practice being patient with yourself.

Being more forgiving of your errors or traits that you may consider weaknesses will help you to love who you are.

Find confidence in the things you’re good at – whether it’s time management or task delegation at work, or a specific subject at school – and let that confidence be a source of happiness in your life.

If you feel your amount of self-love is lacking, chances are a romantic partner will notice it as well.

Although, this is no means for them to judge or think less of you, it is means to make them feel skittish about investing in a relationship.


The love of another is a powerful and special thing. When we’re in love, the best parts of ourselves are shared and finally given their moment to shine.

If you’re wishing for your boyfriend to fall in love with you, practicing patience, acceptance, confidence, and balance are all key.

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