10 Reasons Why Men Always Come Back

Breakup is never an easy thing to go through.

There is always that feeling of disappointment when the person you thought you would ride into the sunset with is no longer going to be part of your life.

In fact, women are the ones who get hurt more on breaking up in the short run.

However, in the long run, that’s when the pain begins to set into men and this explains why men always come back after a breakup.

Your looks, race, and occupation… men you have previously dated and broke up with will always tend to pursue you again later in the future.

Sometimes it can even be someone who you dated almost 10 years back and you have to wonder: why the hell did he keep my number? That jerk broke my heart!

The following are the ten reasons why men always come back.

1. Sex

Sex is a very strong element in a relationship. It makes you feel bonded to each other and above all have pleasure.

After a break up most men think that they now have the freedom to be with any woman they want and can get more sex with different women to their satisfaction.

However, this is not always the case, to some if not most men, getting laid is quite a task.

There are also instances where men get laid after a breakup but the sex falls short of what he was accustomed to with his ex-girlfriend.

So, it is important to be careful when your ex-boyfriend comes crawling back to you.

Sometimes all he wants is great sex with you that he is not getting with his current partner.

2. To ensure you don’t roll with anyone else

After a breakup, most men feels a sign of relief: they can now hang out with their males friends at the club and party till late at night, they can also hit on any woman they like.

Men also particularly love to get laid without feeling any guilt that they are being unfair to anyone.

However, when the music stops and they are of the fantasy world, they always think of the girl they broke up with.

What is she doing? Whom she is with and is the guy better than me?

As a result of this jealousy, most men crawl back to their ex just to prevent them from being with someone else or probably to ruin their current relationship.

It’s understandable, right?

Nothing hurts a man’s ego like discovering that their ex is doing better without them and are with someone better.

3. He has changed

There are many reasons that can lead to a breakup, and inclusive is some disgusting habit by men like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or multiple relationships.

Hey, if you are in a relationship with someone who you don’t find to be committed, there is no reason to stay together.

Some men will crawl back to you after a break up to prove to you that they have genuinely changed and deserve a second chance from you to be your man.

Hey, if this happens then know you are special to the man since after breaking up he discovered that he cannot live without you.

If you still love him and he comes back to you a changed man, sweetheart, just accept the poor guy back since he has already learned from his mistakes and will be a better man to you.

4. Friends and family

Even after breaking up it’s so hard to cut off the interactions with all the mutual friends you had.

The situation becomes even worse if he had already introduced you to his family and friends.

More often than not your name shall crop up from these same people you were introduced to and this will have him consider coming back to you.

If you were a nice person he will be rebuked and teased of how beautiful you are and that he will never find such a girl like you in his life. This alone is enough for him to come back to you asking for a second chance.

However, you need to be careful since it may not always be love that brings him back to you but trying to prove a point to his friends or family that he can still get you if he wants to.

5. Great memories

Great memories are a strong thing in a relationship.

If you had a great relationship and together shared a lot of great memories then chances are after the breakup he will still come back especially if he is unable to create such memories with the people he is currently associating himself with.

These memories need not only be about sex. No!

There are other sweet and great memories in a relationship.

For instance how you would go for a hike on a Saturday morning and make out every time you felt exhausted as a way to refresh up.

How you would watch your favorite cartoon together on a Friday night that would end up in a pillow fight… Heck yeah!

Such memories will definitely have him consider coming back to you irrespective of the reason that leads to your breaking up.

6. Hard starting over

Most men find the aspect of starting over with someone new quite a headache and prefer going back to their ex-girlfriend with whom he is comfortable with.

We can all agree to one thing, first dates are always literally awkward, both parties are cautious of what to say and at times we are not ourselves.

It is for this reason that men find themselves crawling back to their ex.

Hey, with someone you are used to, you don’t have to care about your first impression and most importantly men don’t have to spend a huge amount of money with their ex-girlfriend to win them over again unlike it is the case with a new girl.

7. You look more beautiful today

Nothing will entice a man to come back to you more than seeing your pictures looking good in social media.

A man’s ego tends to have him think that when you are with him you are at your best.

If after a breakup you upload your pictures on social media looking sexy and beautiful than before, this will have him want to come back to you.

Don’t be surprised that after him seeing the pictures he will start texting you asking you how you are doing and yet maybe you have not been communicating for more than a year.

8. Backup plan

After breakup men think that there will be ladies waiting to date them immediately.

It is until rejection reality comes to them that most of them will consider going back to their former girlfriend.

Don’t be surprised if he texts you at 3 am in the morning asking you how you are.

Firstly, that’s poor timing and secondly why would you want to know how she is doing yet you broke her heart?

As a lady never agree to be someone’s backup plan. When they come back just because they were unable to get another woman don’t accept them back.

9. He misses you a lot

Sometimes men may come back to you for genuinely missing you.

This can be so after many failed attempts of trying to replace you and they finally give up and decide to pursue you and win you over.

As the saying goes: be careful whom you hurt some people are a once in a lifetime chance, after them, there will be no upgrade.

10. Responsibility

This generally happens if you had a kid together.

The feeling of having one’s kid be raised by another person eats up every man.

For this reason, most men find themselves going back to their ex-girlfriend whom they have the responsibility to raise a kid with.


Breaking up is surely not a good feeling to go through.

But, things happen in life and if it ended with a reason that broke your heart into pieces, men coming back won’t make any sense.

Sometimes, things go different and if the reasons for men coming back to your life are genuine, you need to think hard enough to care about your happiness and your future.

Good luck ladies!

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