10 Signs He Does Not Love You Anymore

Girls, you remember when we were young (like itty bitty) and we would pick up a flower and pluck off the petals one by one saying, “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me.. He loves me not?”

Well, I do. It’s all fun and games when you actually don’t have to worry about love.

But now we’re older, it’s not so fun when the last petal on the flower just happens to fall on “he loves me not.”  Was it chance, or fate? Oh, how to tell?!

All I know for certain is that you’re probably here because you think your partner does not love you anymore. I’m so sorry to hear!

I want to help so I’ve decided to compile the top 10 signs that indicate he does not love you anymore. At least if you are in the doubt, this list will help clear things up!

You can finally put that flower down girls. Don’t leave it up to chance, find out if he loves you, or loves you not..

1. He Seems Less Interested

If your man truly does not love you anymore, the first sign he will display will be a total lack of interest.

You may not notice a huge change in his behavior, but you’ll be sensing nonetheless that something is totally up.

It could be that he has his mind elsewhere or is just feeling down. But if he continues to show no interest in you, or anything that relates to you, this could mean his heart isn’t as fond of you as it used to be.

Try to spice things up a bit, if you get my drift. If he still shows no interest then, well there is 98% chance that there will be some heartbreaking news in the days or weeks to follow. Brace yourself girl!

2. He Avoids Making Future Plans

 A heart that doesn’t want to love anymore is a heart that doesn’t dream! If you two stopped making plans together, this isn’t a good sign.

Are you always the one pushing to make upcoming plans?

If you are looking forward to spring break, holidays, or taking a summer vacation together but he clearly is not, then it’s possible he doesn’t see you in his future.

Don’t try to force his love. I know, it’s hard! But don’t worry; with time, even broken hearts can heal!

A guy who doesn’t want you in his heart doesn’t deserve a place in yours. Remember that and your days will be brighter!

3. He Doesn’t Make an Effort Anymore

 He may not be making plans anymore, but what about effort? A relationship takes lots of effort from both sides, so if you take away his part of the deal, what’s left? An imbalanced scale, that is!

I always like to say, “Why would I go grocery shopping and then make you pay for my groceries?”

It just doesn’t make sense to make someone else pay for the consequences of your actions. So in other words, don’t pay for his lack of effort! No ma’am.

Don’t take any extra BS than is necessary. If your man is not putting in the effort, then neither should you!

4. His Affection Has Gone out the Window

 Ladies, one surefire way to know if he does not love you anymore is to see if he still loves on you. That’s right.

I mean does he kiss you passionately, hug you tightly, cuddle you so warmly, and make love to you so sweetly? If not….. I’m afraid he just might not have room for you in his heart anymore.

Without affection, how can love express itself? Affection in a relationship varies from couple to couple, so just because he might not do one or the other doesn’t mean it’s over.

But otherwise as a general rule, if he doesn’t want to show his affection towards you anymore then this most likely is because his heart is telling him not to. What the heck heart, what are you thinking?!

Oh right.. Thinking is for our brains. I forget love is not logical!

5. He Acts Weird and Distant

 Many a time have I seen relationships go down like the Titanic because of men acting just strange. Like what happens? A sweet relationship all of a sudden turns sour.

You may be wondering, “What did I do wrong”? But girl, don’t go there! It is not your fault. Your man may be acting all weird and distant, this might be true, but it’s definitely not because of you.

If he is giving you the cold shoulder, that’s not the type of guy you want to have a loving relationship with anyway, right?! You can do better.

Say it outloud! Go on, say it!

“I can do better.” That was great!! You’re amazing! I’m super proud of you.

6. He Doesn’t Keep in Touch Like He Used to

 Apart from not keeping in touch (physically speaking), he may not be keeping in touch (figuratively speaking).

A man who doesn’t care about your day, your career, your goals, dreams, worries, thoughts, likes, wants, etc., isn’t a man who loves you.

If he used to talk to you throughout the day but now doesn’t, you may want to ask yourself, “What changed?”

It’s possible it could be something you both can work on. But chances are, he might just not love you anymore.

 7. He Goes out Alone or With Friends Without You

 I know that a guy that really loves and cherishes his girl, wants her to be with him almost all the time.

He wants to show her off to his friends, have a good night out on the town together with her, and will just want to be in contact with her even if it is a “boy’s night out.”

He won’t let her worry when they’re not side by side. So if you’re often worrying about where your guy is and what he is doing, it’s probably best that you don’t know.

It’s not nice for him to keep you waiting on the sidelines. Get your mind off him and go out with some girlfriends instead!

It’s okay if he goes out without you sometimes, and in a healthy relationship both girl and boy need their alone time or time spent only with friends. BUT, it shouldn’t be like this all the time.

8. He Argues About Everything

 Some couples are just those arguing couples, you know what I mean?

You’ll see them argue about literally everything under the sun, but somehow you know they still love each other just SO much.

Then there’s other couples who argue and you can feel the tension (awkwarrrddd…). If he’s just not that into you anymore, he could get a little antsy and start arguing with you more, sometimes over absolutely nothing.

This is a sign that he is feeling frustrated with you in your relationship and could be his only outlet to express his true discontent.

This really sucks. I hope this isn’t your case because it is both physically and mentally straining!

If I were you, I’d think long and hard before wanting to chase after someone who just doesn’t love me anymore.

9. He Keeps You Away From Family or Friends

 If you’re not in your man’s heart anymore, he’ll start distancing you from his family and friends.

From his point of view, this is probably the easiest way to break it off with you. Or at least to give you the hint.

Bringing you into his family is a big deal! If you simply haven’t met his family yet, or you met them but now he doesn’t act like he wants you around them anymore, then it’s definitely time for you to start questioning whether he still loves you, or not.

At least strike up a conversation with him about it, but be careful! You may learn more than you wanted to hear.

10. He Avoids Those Three Words .. “I Love You”

 The cherry on top of the cake. Saying I love you (or not saying it) is powerful.

It speaks the unspeakable words of the heart in the purest way. So if he’s not saying it to you, there’s a reason.

If he does not love you anymore, he will not say those three special words. You know men, they often don’t like to trudge further into the depths of love and sentiment than is necessary!

Unless they are true romantics, that is. A girl can dream, can’t she?!


Hopefully your man will be honest enough with you to tell you the truth. Even if the truth is going to hurt, he should know that you deserve to know what he’s truly feeling in his heart.

But if he’s not coming out and saying it, hopefully this list of 10 signs will help you figure out the truth on your own terms!

Girls, one final word of advice: Once you find your prince charming, there will be no need to pluck off the petals of flowers and say “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Your prince charming will never let your heart worry like that. Trust me!

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