10 Signs To Know He Is The One For You

It is everyone’s dreams to find their soulmate. Yes!

Someone who shall make you have the feeling of completeness and the idea of spending the rest of your life with him makes you very excited.

However, it is so unfortunate that in the current generation the number of divorces and breakups seems to increase every single day.

Quite a number of children get to be raised by single parents, not because one of their parents passed away but because their parents found it better if they split due to reasons that are known best by them.

So, how do you really know he is the one for you?

No one gets into a relationship hoping that at one point they would break up. No!

Everyone gets excited by the idea of being in a relationship and we all look forward to riding into the sunset with our partner.

However, more often than not, this is not always the case. Down the line, something may crop up and you just discover that he isn’t the right guy for you after all and you have to move on. Where are we going wrong?

Maybe it’s because you are not able to figure out right from the beginning that he is not the one for you.

Here are ten signs he’s the one for you.

1. He is proud of you

You shall know if he is the right one for you if he is proud of you. He brags about you to his friends and peers even on small things such as you getting a job promotion.

The right man for you will also be proud to tell his friends of how beautiful you are or how good of a cook you are. If your man does this then there is a high chance he is the right one for you.

Has anyone been in a relationship where their boyfriends or lover don’t like hanging out with them? I

f he doesn’t like to go to the grocery shop, parties or even simply hang out with you in public, this is an indication that your man isn’t proud of you and he is not the right one for you.

On the contrary, he should spare time so as to hang out with you in public and hey, sometimes even a little public display of affection is healthy.

2. Share great chemistry together

In the first place, how can you be with someone whom you don’t have any chemistry together? Such a relationship is always deemed to fail.

You know he is the right one for you if you share a lot of chemistry together. Being with him makes you feel complete and the feeling of him kissing you lips or even touching you makes you excited.

With great chemistry comes great sex. And we all have to agree to one thing, sex is a very important tool in a relationship.

It makes you feel a strong bond and it need not get boring. If sex gets boring then the relationship is deemed to end down the lane.

If you find you enjoy your intimate moments every time despite being with him for a very long time as if it were the first time, then he is the right guy for you.

3. Makes you happy

The main purpose of being in a relationship is so as to be happy with the one you love.

The right man for you will always find a way to make you happy despite the fact that you might have other reasons to make you feel sad. He should always see to it that he puts a smile on your face.

Laughing as you watch your favorite cartoons on a Friday night or even when he lets you win the pillow fight, is very important in a relationship.

If you find that in your relationship majority of the times are when you are arguing and fighting other than being happy then he is not the right one for you.

When he finally asks you the question “will you marry me?” it’s not the idea of getting married that should excite you but the fact that you shall spend the rest of your lives together.

4. Share same goals

Apart from having great chemistry together you also need to at least share relatively similar life goals and ambitions.

If you want to work hard and save so that you can buy that dream apartment and he advocates for you to spend what you have and live the moment by having fun, then the two of you are not riding on the same boat and the relationship is bound to fail sometime in the near future.

Research has it that couples who meet at the workplace of seminars tend to have long lasting relationship compared to those who randomly meet a bar or bump into each other on a busy street.


This is because you share similar life goals with the person whom you meet at your workplace or even training seminars.

If you and your man share relatively similar life goals, then chances are he is the right one for you.

5. Gives you space

There is nothing that can be more itchy and stressful as dating a guy who is ever insecure. He never allows you time to hang out with you male friends without asking funny questions or even creating a scene.

The right man for you should give you space to have your own privacy. You should have time to hang out with your friends either male or female without him feeling any threat that you will cheat on him.

Trust in a relationship is a key thing and if he trusts you, then he is the right one for you.

6. Makes sacrifices for you

You know that he is the right one for you if he makes sacrifices for you.

If you get that job promotion and probably have been posted in another town, he is willing to make the sacrifice that you both relocate to that town since it shall be convenient for you.

He also should sacrifice some of his time so as to spend time with you.

If your man sacrifices 40 minutes one-hour lunch break just to be with you and spends time with you instead of hanging out with his fellow male colleagues and admire other women, then he is the right one for you.

7. Doesn’t want to change you

The right guy you will appreciate you the way you are and will not try to change you.

He won’t ask you to change your walking style or even start wearing make-ups and tight shirt miniskirts so that you look attractive.

You shall know he is the right one for you if he appreciates you the way you are without trying to change anything about you.

He shall compliment you on how beautiful you are in the morning even before you apply makeup. He should appreciate your style of doing things and be proud of it.

8. You are comfortable when with him

He is the right one for you if you both feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

You can wear his t-shirt as you do house chores and with no makeup on and you feel comfortable.

You can also share deep secrets with him without fear that he shall expose you.

Also, you should feel comfortable introducing him to your family and friends

9. He is ambitious and hardworking

You wouldn’t want to get married to a lazy person who just stays in the house or hangs out with his peers and plays video games all day, would you?

The right man for you should be hardworking and ambitious; he should have a focus in life and strive to achieve his goals.

The kind of person whom you can build your future together and raise kids who will look up to you as role models.

10. Builds you up

You shall know that he is the right of for you if he builds you. He supports you when you are having a bad day and even during hard times.

There is nothing that can be more fulfilling in life than spending the rest of your life with someone who understands your life goals and gear you up in achieving them.


Perhaps the rising incidences of divorces are due to the fact that we are not aware of ways on how to know whether we are with the right guy or not.

Finding your Mr. Right is not difficult. All you need to look for is someone who can keep you happy, someone who stays loyal and someone who is going to love to until their last breathe.

Sure, these signs are surely going to help and you are bound to have better relationships in the future.

Good luck!

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