10 Ways to Flirt with a Guy Over Text

The modern dating world can seem an unjust one, where the rules are constantly changing and you’re always the last to know.

Some of this is due to the introduction of technology to newer generations. A swipe left or right can lead to a match made in heaven or the worst date you’ve ever been on.

Our love life’s hang, suspended on the unpredictability of others and our own fates.

Platforms on which we have access to our crush or boyfriend twenty-four hours a day are both wonderful and horrifying: texting conversations can lead to misunderstandings and arguments yet being able to send a quick message in the middle of a busy day helps keep you connected.

Whether you’re new to modern dating or not, there is proper etiquette to be learned, especially when it comes to texting.

If you’re attempting to gain the attention and affection of another, at some point in time, the use of texts will be implemented.

This shouldn’t be too scary of a prospect, but all the same, here are some tips when it comes to flirting over text that may come in handy.

1. Send Photos, Gifs, and Videos

Any supplemental material you can add into texts will add personality to your messages.

Sending photos to him that you don’t post on social media will make him feel special.

Photos can be anything from yourself, if you’re feeling particularly pretty that day, or what you’re seeing and experiencing in real time, such as a photo of your dog running at the park could accompany a text reading, “I’m at the park. What’re you up to?”

Likewise, including funny gifs or videos will add to your conversations and hopefully make him laugh.

2. Use Emojis

Emojis have nearly solved the one issue with texting: not being able to read the emotions of the person sending the message.

Because we can’t see each other’s faces or hear each other’s voices as we text back and forth, some texts can come off in a way they weren’t meant to, especially when it comes to sarcasm.

Using a healthy amount of emojis in your messages can help the receiver read their meaning more accurately.

3. Keep it Simple and Fun

Even the simplest text message can be labeled as flirtatious.

Sending a quick message that says “Hey :)” can invite conversation or even just a smile of acknowledgement from your crush.

4. Take Advantage of Common Situations

A great way to flirt over text is to text him when you know where he is or what he’s doing.

This could be a text saying, “Is it over yet?” while you’re both enduring the same boring lecture in class just a few rows away, or if he’s at work and you know he’d rather be hanging out with you.

Texts such as these will let him know you’re thinking of him while also expressing your sense of humor.

5. Follow His Lead

Flirting with someone may translate to you attempting to make an impression.

The end goal of flirting is to express your attraction but also hopefully to have that attraction returned.

If he seems relatively talkative while texting (writing full sentences or even paragraphs) then you should do the same.

This not only shows that he’s interested in learning more about you and enjoys your text conversations, but that you do too. Otherwise, he may feel you aren’t interested in him after all.

Similarly, if he is not much of a texter, then try not to overload him with messages and instead save a lot of what you’d like to say to him for in person.

If he’s more of an in-person-talker, he’ll appreciate your initiative.

6. Text Him When You Haven’t Seen Him in a While

Some may view texting as shallow or disinteresting. If this is the case, then there’s little you can do via text in terms of flirting.

However, the wonderful function of cell phones is that it allows us to talk to those we aren’t physically in a room with and at almost any time of day (assuming they’re available to respond).

Most of your flirting will take place outside of the world of text messaging, but when you can’t flirt with him in person, take advantage of the power of cell phones and send him a message.

It can be something simple like, “Thinking of you,” but if that makes you feel too vulnerable, simply sending anything at all already subliminally tells him you’re missing his company.

7. Use Texting to Find Your Confidence

You may be a little on the shy side and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially since texting offers you a platform in which you may find more confidence.

If there’s something you want to say to your crush but can never seem to muster it when he’s standing right in front of you, tell him through text message.

Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to find an opening, so it doesn’t feel like the text is from out of the blue. For example, say he mentions in text that he’s getting a haircut.

You can use this opportunity to respond with something that compliments his appearance, such as “I can’t wait to see the new you tomorrow,” or “I like your hair now, but I’m sure you can pull off anything.”

8. Don’t Be Afraid to be Silly

People love smartphone applications such as Snap Chat, because it gives them a place where photos of others making silly faces is totally acceptable.

Treat your personal texting conversations with your crush like a Snap Chat only the two of you can see.

Sending a silly photo of yourself shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, that you trust and feel comfortable around him, and that you’re interested in sharing your personality with him.

9. Create Anticipation

Since texting typically occurs when you aren’t around the guy you’re flirting with, it’s a great way to create anticipation.

Promise to tell him a funny or crazy story tomorrow whenever you see him. Text him and tell him you just bought a new dress.

If he asks to see a photo of it (which, if he’s into you, he will, because it’ll mean he’s getting to see you more so than a dress), tell him you’ll wear it tomorrow and that’s when he’ll get to see it.

Denying his little interests gives you control, makes you feel powerful, and may be read by him as sexy or confident.

This anticipation will give you both those anxious butterflies that only flirting can give, until the next moment you get to see each other.

10. Use the Word “Maybe”

Maybe is a word we’ve all either hated or loved at some point in our lives. When it comes to flirting, “maybe” is the ultimate fantasy-maker.

Due to the fact that a lot of what goes into attraction can be elevated by our own imaginations, maybe is a power word which can be used to motivate imagination and therefore attraction.

Probably best to not text back simply “Maybe” to him asking you out on a date, unless your rapport can handle a little witty sarcasm.

But texting back “Maybe” accompanied with a winky-face when he asks if you’re going to be at that party on Saturday gives you just the right amount of allure.


For some, flirting with a guy over text is just for fun and for others it can be the initial phase that leads to a relationship.

Learn what flirting means to you and try to learn what it may mean to the guy you have your eyes set on.

While the objective of flirting varies, the definition of what it means to flirt is always the same: Flirting is defined as the act of showing your attraction to someone.

So, if you’re ready to confidently flaunt your attraction to him, get out your phone, and get those texting fingers ready.

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