10 Serious Dating Advice for Teenage Girls

Ah.. the glorious teenage years. There are so many things happening at once in the daily life of a teenage girl, don’t you agree?

I mean come on, everyone knows girls just want to have fun! But sometimes teen life isn’t all just fun and games.

There may be times where you feel like you are literally taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster.

The main reason for this?

Yep, you guessed it right: relationships.

Relationships are so fun and exciting, but sometimes they end in tears and a sore heartbreak. Ouch.

Take it from me girls, I’ve been there too.

That’s why I’m putting my best foot forward to bring you the best 10 serious dating advice for teenage girls.

Let’s start the countdown!

1. Sisters Before Misters

One of my favorite expressions, “sisters before misters,” is a classy way of reminding ourselves that our true friends should take priority over our new boy crush.

This is especially tricky to achieve, however, so don’t be fooled. It’s easier said than done!

When you enter into the dating world with your new “bae,” it’s hard to focus on anything else other than that person.

It’s always important to make it a priority to spend some much-needed quality time with your sisters (aka your besties).

It’s as simple as reaching out to your friends to go grab some coffee at a cute café or invite them over for a fun sleepover.

Building lasting, positive relationships with your girlfriends is just as important as building a relationship with your dating partner.

Remember, it’s all about balance.

2. Lead with Your Heart

Being a great leader is no easy task.

But something you can have confidence in knowing is that inspirational people tend to make their choices by leading with their heart.

Some call it heart, some call it intuition, but whichever word you choose, know that logic and reason aren’t always the best concoction when it comes to dating.

Love, after all, is not a rational feeling!

3. Let It Go

Of course you’ve heard of the iconic theme song from Disney’s “Frozen,” right? Well if you haven’t, go listen to it right now!

I play this song on repeat (literally) when I’m feeling clouded, frustrated, and lost.

Sometimes just belting out “let it go, let it go!” to the world is just the relief I need to feel better.

But it’s not just the song that is catchy, it’s also the sentiment of ‘letting things go’ that speaks to me most.

Take this for a piece of dating advice: sometimes it’s better to just let it go. You are in your teenage years, so try not to take life too seriously because tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities.

So when your dating life is making you feel all down and blue, just remember to seize your youth and make the most of it!

4. Inward Beauty > Outward Beauty

This one is SO important ladies, so do not forget!

Clothe yourselves with the beauty that comes from within. Bear the fruits of patience, love, joy, kindness, humbleness, and hold on to these preciously.

For it is not your outward appearance that matters most. Your hair, your clothes, your makeup, these are all temporary and will disappear from one day to the next.

People (and this obviously goes for your dating partner) will remember you, not by the way you styled your hair or what brand of clothes you bought, but they will remember you by your character and the way you made them feel.

If someone hurts you, do not respond in anger but instead be kind and forgiving.

The choices you make in your dating life will follow you for your whole life. This is a lesson I learned only after I made many mistakes.

Aim to be beautiful on the inside, and it will most definitely show on the outside!

5. Giving vs. Getting

News alert! Relationships are all about being able to sacrifice our own needs for others. To give will always be better than to get.

This seems like such a simple phrase, but it speaks the truth on so many different levels! It is especially important for dating.

Giving will always bring more joy and happiness to your dating life than if you seek only to get. Love = giving, not getting. <3

6. Keep Your Chin Up

This dating advice for teens is one that should follow you everywhere you go. Keep your chin up!

Girls are strong, beautiful, powerful, and resistant.

Remember your worth, especially in your dating life. Never hesitate to simply say “no” if you do not consent or agree with what a date wants to do or says.

Never lose sight of your resilience and your value as a young lady, as an individual, and as a human being.

The expression “keep your chin up” serves to remind us girls to stay strong and steadfast even in the most difficult of times (such as heartbreaks).

7. Trust Yourself

Trust in yourself.

Trusting yourself is similar to dating advice #9 (lead with your heart) in that it requires you to keep faith and trust in your own decisions and choices.

In the dating world, girls are often misrepresented as being highly emotional and irrational, we even have the stigma of the “crazy, ex-girlfriend.”

It’s important to trust yourself so that you don’t fall trap to one of the stereotypical ideas about girls and romance.

Trust yourself to make the right decision, and place your trust in others wisely.

8. Is It Too Late To Say Sorry?

Are you a Belieber? Whether or not you are a fan of Justin Bieber, I think we can all agree that his song “Sorry” resonates with all of us.

I must admit, the Biebs offers some serious dating advice for teenage girls.

It’s important to understand the power of saying “sorry” in our relationships. If we do wrong unto others, it is essential that we apologize.

If you know you need to say sorry, just fess up. It will be the first step towards healing.

A healthy relationship is definitely accomplished by learning to say sorry when you need to.

9. Never Kiss & Tell

Gossip, it’s just a thing that girls do, right?! Wrong! Girls do gossip, but that does not mean that because you are a girl that you just have to gossip.

In fact, I would seriously recommend avoiding partaking in gossip when you can. That especially goes for gossip that involves boys, crushes, and dating!

“Kiss and tell” is a sure way of getting gossip to spread. Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to share the details about who you kissed and where, why, etc.

Someone who you did not want to know may end up finding out, and that can create unwanted or unnecessary drama.

And it’s not like girls need more drama in their lives, right? #dramaqueens #sassy

10. Be YOU

Last but not least, my favorite piece of serious dating advice for all you teenage girls is to just be you!

Just being you means having no hidden agenda, no prerogatives, no false fronts, no comparing with other girls, no fantasizing about your dream beach body, etc.

Nope, none of that.

Embrace you, every bit of you. Yes, that means learning to embrace your nerdy side or your quirky character!

Don’t be ashamed to explore your likes, dislikes, wants, needs, and desires.

Every experience leads to your personal growth–and yes that does include the good relationships, the not-so-good ones, and the plain disastrous heartbreaks.


Thanks for reading ladies! I hope that you were able to take away some serious dating advice from this article.

If ever you are in doubt or need a quick pick-me-up, don’t forget to refer to this exclusive top 10 list of serious dating advice for teenage girls.

The next time you find yourself caught up in a romance, remember this list of 10 essential words of dating advice:

  • Embrace yourself
  • Avoid gossip
  • Say sorry when you need to
  • Trust in yourself and others
  • Always keep your chin up
  • Give more than get
  • Your inward beauty is most important
  • Learn to let it go
  • Lead with your heart
  • Don’t let your friendships fall behind

For any worry big or small, there is definitely some piece of dating advice here to bring a reassuring smile to your day.

All in all, just remember to enjoy your teenage years as they will surely fly by in the blink of an eye!

Thanks again for reading. Please do share your thoughts and/or comments with our community!

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