What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You Wifey?

Girl. Baby. Love.

Well, these are probably a few adjectives someone close to you would call you with if you were in a romantic relationship.

But, what does it really mean when someone calls you “wifey?”

Well, the first time I heard a man call a girl “wifey” was when I was shopping in the streets of New York.

I did not think about it much. They looked like they were married, with rings to bind their relationships in their fingers. I thought he was calling his wife.

But I loved the word.

I pondered and thought “wifey” would be a slang for derived from “wife” which would mean a guy signifying a girl as his potential wife.

Or, maybe, a guy is expressing his ownership of a woman after finding the wife-like material in her.

Then again, I saw two girls in a bar referring each other as “wifey.” I was surprised.

They looked straight and were flirting with different men in the bar for drinks. Ughh!

I had to know what the fun word meant and I did, after talking to a few men and women who called “wifey” to their female friends.

Guys calling girls “wifey”

When a guy calls a girl wifey, it probably means the two have a strong connection with each other.

The millennials use this term “wifey” to refer to their best friend if he believes that the bond between him and the girl is probably the strongest he has had in life.

It also means respect in some sense.

When a guy calls you wifey, it might mean that he’ll treat you as good as he’ll treat his wife.

It might sound a little awkward, but he surely has a feeling about you somewhere inside his heart.

Whether or not if actions are similar might not be clear but there surely is romance hidden in some corners of his heart.

Girls calling girls “wifey”

What does it really mean if a girl calls you “wifey”? You know you are straight and so is she.

Does this mean she’s turning into a lesbian? Hmm…

Probably not!

Straight girls also use the term “wifey” a lot these days.

If you hear a girl referring another girl as wifey, that only means that they are identifying each other as best friends.

I  talked to my co-worker and he said that his ex and her friends called each other “wifey” when they were doing their girl-thing together. It sounded fun first but it surely got annoying!

Maybe, this is one of those reasons that separates girls from women! Whatsay?

The Verdict

What I also feel is that when someone calls you “wifey,” it shows the level of closeness you two have.

Maybe someone who lacks a romantic partner uses the term as a substitute for a close friend.

If you are someone who feels that being called wifey is strange or immature or even annoying, keep it to just friends or best buddies.

It’s your life. Have it your way!

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